Hospital floor signs

Self adhesive floor signs are printed on a high specification water resistant PVC vinyl and laminated with a clear sand textured PVC film.
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Hospital floor signs
  • These durable mats from MHS Magnetics indicate the location or presence of specific equipment
  • Contribute towards the ‘three second’ visualisation rule (which requires a staff member to find equipment or information within three seconds).
  • Anti-slip ‘scuff resistant’ finish to protect the surface of the image.
  • Tested in accordance with the specification BS 6677: Part 1: 1986 for the measurement of floor slip resistance, giving extremely low potential for slip when dry and low potential when the sand textured film is wet.
  • Standard size 500 x 500mm, but we can design these to any size
  • If your equipment differs from the example shown, we can draw up any piece of equipment to suit ward/department needs. We’ll visit your site if required.
View a selection of hospital floor signs in the gallery below:


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Installation guidelines for NHS floor signs

1. Ensure floor is thoroughly clean, dry and free from debris or grease.

2. Place the mat still with the backing tape intact exactly where it is required to go.

3. We suggest you position yourself at the foot of the mat, i.e. with the words facing you.

4. Carefully pull back the furthest end of the mat and peel about 50mm of backing tape.

5. Carefully place back in position and smooth down.

6. With one hand pull the backing tape towards you, smoothing down the front of the mat with your hand as you proceed.

7. Ensure that all edges are properly stuck to the floor. You may find a roller useful here.

8. Most standard mats can be installed by one person, for larger mats e.g. ‘Hoist’ two persons would be preferable.

9. Once fully adhered these mats can not be re-positioned.

10. Normal cleaning routines will suffice.