Improving patient care and staff communication

Magnetic whiteboards, adhesive floor signs and bedside mats.
Our track recordOur products

Our track record

NHS Magnetics are a contracted supplier to East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and have produced a range of productive ward materials for a number of years. More recently, for the West Sussex Health Trust and the Medway NHS Trust. Our focus is on improving patient care and staff communication.

Since the launch of the NHS Institute’s ‘Productive Ward programme’, NHS Magnetics has worked closely with several NHS Trusts designing tools that draw on ‘Lean Thinking concepts’ and the ‘Three-Second Visualisation’ rule. The objective is to make patient/resident information clear and easily understandable for all relevant disciplines. ‘Visual management’ is used to communicate the status of an area or process within three seconds.

Our products

Hospital whiteboards by NHS Magnetics

Hospital whiteboards

High quality, magnetic and easy-to-clean – can be designed to accommodate specific ward or department needs.
Whiteboard magnetic labels by NHS Magnetics

Whiteboard magnetic labels

Available from stock or to your own design, these can be used on any magnetic whiteboard.
Hospital floor signs by NHS Magnetics

Hospital Floor signs

Self adhesive floor signs are printed on a high specification water resistant PVC vinyl and laminated with a clear sand textured PVC film.
Bedside mats by NHS Magnetics

Bedside mats

The ideal way of getting your trust messages ‘under the noses’ of the people who you need to reach – the bed patients and their visitors.